Common Spanish Phrases

Spanish is another language that is fairly easy to learn and use, especially by practicing common Spanish phrases and sentences. Based in the Latin alphabet, Spanish has much in common with the English language so there are many similar words, which makes it easier to memorize in many cases. Below are Spanish phrases and sentences along with their English translations to make it easy to say, practice and memorize. This list of sentences, phrases and words are updated on a regular basis, visitors can also feel free to submit suggestions and other recommendations through the contact form on this website.

To make it easier to learn, we prioritize the phrases and sentences by those used most commonly when greeting, traveling, asking basic questions like directions, restrooms, prices and other phrases used on a daily basis.

1. Question: How do you say Hi or Hello in Spanish?
Answer: Hola

2. Question: How do you say “How are you” in Spanish?
Answer: Como Esta Usted / Como Esta(informal)

3. Question: How do you ask a someone’s name in Spanish?
Answer: Como te llama (llama is prouncouned “Yama”, the two L’s form the sound “Y” in English)

4. Question: How do you say “My name is”
Answer: “Me llamo”

5. Question: How do you say say “Hello / Hi!”
Answer: Hóla!

6. Question: How do you say“Good day”
Answer: Buenos diás

7. Question: How do you say“Good evening”
Answer: Buenos tardes

8. Question: How do you say “Good night”
Answer: Buenos noches

9. Question: How do you say “Have a nice day”
Answer: Que tenga un buen día.

10. Question: How do you say “Thank You”
Answer: Gracias