Learn Foreign Languages by Common Phrases & Sentences

This is a free foreign language learning website where you can learn languages easily by using common phrases and sentences that are useful for interacting with people while traveling or everyday, common dialog. Learn to speak a different language through memorizing and practicing basic and common sentences in another language and seeing their English translations, phrases that meant to be easy to remember and use. This website offers sections dedicated to various languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese and many others that will be updated and a frequent basis. Each of our language section lists common phrases such as those used for greetings, introductions, asking questions like for names, direction as well as thanking someone, saying good byes and more.

Crash Course, Quick Learning of Languages

Normally, to learn a new language properly one is advised to take classes and practice through interactions with others, this website gives a crash course approach to help you practice and get your feet wet by starting you off with easy phrases, giving examples and their meanings. The examples in this site are also useful for if you are in a hurry, need to travel to another country, or just need to speak to someone in a particular language but don’t have time to take a long course, yet want a list of basic and common phrases to practice.

Throughout the sections, you will first encounter a list of basic phrases in the respective languages so you can begin and see examples, you can jump to different areas of each section or choose a different language instantly. The list of phrases for each language are expanded and updated on a regular basis, but if you have any common “sayings” that you want to contribute, a recommendation or question, then please feel free to contact us!